• New controller driver: MAX3421e (usb host shield), rusb2 (Renesas USB2.0), ChipIdea fullspeed

  • New MCUs: MCXn9, nRF5340, STM32: G0, G4, L5, U575, U5A5, RA6m5, CH32F20x

  • Add initial TypeC PowerDelivery support with STM32G4

  • Remove submodules and use python script to manage repo dependencies #1947

  • Add CMake support for most families and boards, move build file from tools/ to examples/build_system

  • Add ETM trace support with JTrace for nrf52840, nrf5340, mcb1857, stm32h743eval, ra6m5

  • [osal] Make it possible to override the osal_task_delay() in osal_none

  • Add CDC+UAC2 composite device example

  • Enhance Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing with more boards: rp2040, stm32l412nucleo, stm32f746disco, lpcxpresso43s67

Controller Driver (DCD & HCD)

  • Add new ISO endpoint API: dcd_edpt_iso_alloc() and dcd_edpt_iso_activate()

  • Remove legacy driver st/synopsys

  • EHCI

    • [iMXRT] Add dache clean/invalidate when memory is in cacheable memory

    • Fix portsc write issue which cause problem with enumeration

    • Fix an issue when doing port reset write to portsc

    • Fix port change detect is not recognized when power on with attached device

    • Fix xfer failed with disconnected device as stalled

    • Fix error on EHCI causes xfer error in non-queued qhd which cause memory fault

    • Un-roll recursive hub removal with usbh queue

    • Fix issue when removing queue head

    • Implement hcd_edpt_abort_xfer()

    • use standard USB complete interrupt instead of custom chipidea async/period interrupt to be more compatible with other ehci implementation

    • refactor usb complete & error isr processing, merge, update. Fix EHCI QHD reuses QTD on wrong endpoint

    • Improve bus reset, fix send_setup() not carried out if halted previously

    • Fix clear qhd halted bit if not caused by STALL protocol to allow for next transfer

  • ChipIdea Highspeed

    • Fix control transfer issue when previous status and new setup complete in the same isr frame

    • [imxrt] Add dcache support for cache region

  • ChipIdea Fullspeed

    • Generalize ChipIdea Fullspeed driver for mcxn9 (port 0), kinetis

  • nrf

    • Fix DMA race condition with ISO OUT transfer #1946

    • Add support for nRF5340 with pca10095 board

  • Renesas rusb2

    • Generalize rusb2 driver for ra, rx mcus

    • rework both dcd and hcd for better multiple ports support

    • Add support for board with HS USB port: ra6m5 port1

  • rp2040

    • [dcd] Make writes to SIE_CTRL aware of concurrent access

    • [hcd] add hcd_frame_number(), hcd_edpt_abort_xfer() for pio-usb host

  • stm32 fsdev:

    • Add STM32L5 support

    • Implement dcd_edpt_iso_alloc() and dcd_edpt_iso_activate()

  • OHCI

    • Allows configurable root hub ports, handles SMM mode (Ref OHCI spec and Bios mode (Ref OHCI spec

    • Fix FrameIntervalToggle must be toggled after we write the FrameInterval (Ref OHCI Spec 7.3.1)

    • Wait PowerOnToPowerGoodTime after we enable power of the RH ports (Ref OHCI Spec 7.4.1)

    • Generate port interrupts for devices already connected during init.

    • Fix issue when removing queue head

    • Disable MIE during IRQ processing and clear HccaDoneHead on completion as per OCHI Spec Page 80

Device Stack

  • Add optional hooks tud_event_hook_cb()

  • Audio (UAC2)

    • Fix feedback EP buffer alignment.

    • Fix encoding, update example

    • Improve IN transfer

  • Bluetooth

    • Add historical EP compatibility for Bluetooth HCI

  • CDC

    • Fix line_coding alignment

    • Fix typo in cdc line coding enum

  • MIDI

    • Fix stream_write() always writes system messages to cable 0

    • Fix incorrect NOTE_ON, NOTE_OFF definitions

  • USBTMC: Fix tmc488 bit order

  • Vendor: fix read()/write() race condition

  • Video (UVC)

    • Add the capability for video class to handle a bulk endpoint in the streaming interface.

Host Stack

  • USBH

    • Add new APIs: tuh_interface_set(), tuh_task_event_ready(), tuh_edpt_abort_xfer(), tuh_rhport_reset_bus(), tuh_rhport_is_active()

    • Fix issue when device generate multiple attach/detach/attach when plugging in

    • Prefer application callback over built-in driver on transfer complete event

    • Correct hcd_edpt_clear_stall() API signature

    • Separate bus reset delay and contact debouncing delay in enumeration

    • Support usbh_app_driver_get_cb() for application drivers

    • Fix usbh enumeration removal race condition

    • Add optional hooks tuh_event_hook_cb()

  • CDC

    • Breaking: change tuh_cdc_itf_get_info() to use tuh_itf_info_t instead of tuh_cdc_info_t

    • Fix cdc host enumeration issue when device does not support line request

    • Add support for vendor usb2uart serial: ftdi, cp210x, ch9102f

    • Improve sync control API e.g tuh_cdc_set_control_line_state(), tuh_cdc_set_line_coding()

  • HID

    • Add new APIs tuh_hid_send_report(), tuh_hid_itf_get_info(), tuh_hid_receive_ready(), tuh_hid_send_ready(), tuh_hid_set_default_protocol()

    • Change meaning of CFG_TUH_HID to total number of HID interfaces supported. Previously CFG_TUH_HID is max number of interfaces per device which is rather limited and consume more resources than needed.

  • HUB

    • Fix handling of empty “status change” interrupt

    • Fix issue with hub status_change is not aligned

  • MSC

    • Fix bug in tuh_msc_ready()

    • Fix host msc get maxlun not using aligned section memory


  • Add codespell to detect typo

  • Add support for fuzzing and bagde for oss-fuzz

  • [osal]

    • Allow the use of non-static allocation for FreeRTOS

    • Fix FreeRTOS wrong task switch in some cases

  • Fix tu_fifo memory overflown when repeatedly write to overwritable fifo (accumulated more than 2 depths)

  • Better support for IAR (ARM) with ci build check for stm32 mcus.

  • Fix Windows build for some mingw gnu make situations

Controller Driver (DCD & HCD)

  • Add new port support (WIP) for WCH CH32V307 USB Highspeed

  • Add new port support (WIP) for PIC32MM/MX & PIC24

  • [nRF]

    • Fix endpoint internal state when closed

    • Fix reception of large ISO packets

  • [rp2040]

    • [dcd] Implement workaround for Errata 15. This enable SOF when bulk-in endpoint is in use and reduce its bandwidth to only 80%

    • [hcd] Fix shared irq slots filling up when hcd_init() is called multiple times

    • [hcd] Support host bulk endpoint using hw “interrupt” endpoint. Note speed limit is 64KB/s

  • [samd][dcd] Add support for ISO endpoint

  • [dwc2][dcd] Add support for stm32u5xx

  • [esp32sx] Fix Isochronous transfers only transmitted on even frame

  • [lpc_ip3511][dcd] Add isochronous support and fix endpoint accidental write

  • [ft90x] Improve and enhance support for FT9xx MCU, tested with more examples

Device Stack

  • [Video]

    • Add support for MJPEG

    • Fix probe on macOS

  • [MIDI]

    • Support port name strings

    • fix MS Header wTotalLength computation

  • [HID]

    • Add FIDO descriptor template

    • change length in tud_hid_report_complete_cb() from uint8 to uint16

  • [CDC]

    • Fix autoflush for FIFO < MPS

    • Fix tx fifo memory overflown when DTR is not set and tud_cdc_write() is called repeatedly with large enough data

  • [USBTMC] Fix packet size with highspeed

Host Stack

  • Retry a few times with transfers in enumeration since device can be unstable when starting up

  • [MSC] Rework host masstorage API. Add new host/msc_file_explorer example

  • [CDC]

    • Add support for host cdc

    • Fix host cdc with device without IAD e.g Arduino Due


  • Improve compiler support for CCRX and IAR

  • Add timeout to osal_queue_receive()

  • Add tud_task_ext(timeout, in_isr) as generic version of tud_task(). Same as tuh_task_ext(), tuh_task()

  • Enable more warnings -Wnull-dereference -Wuninitialized -Wunused -Wredundant-decls -Wconversion

  • Add new examples

    • host/bare_api to demonstrate generic (app-level) enumeration and endpoint transfer

    • dual/host_hid_to_device_cdc to run both device and host stack concurrently, get HID report from host and print out to device CDC. This example only work with multiple-controller MCUs and rp2040 with the help of pio-usb as added controller.

Controller Driver (DCD & HCD)

  • Enhance rhports management to better support dual roles


    • tud_init(rphort), tuh_init(rhport) can be used to init stack on specified roothub port (controller) instead of tusb_init(void)

  • Add dcd/hcd port specific defines TUP_ (stand for tinyusb port-specific)

  • [dwc2]

    • Update to support stm32 h72x, h73x with only 1 otg controller

    • Fix overwrite with grstctl when disable endpoint

  • [EHCI] Fix an issue with EHCI driver

  • [msp430] Fix for possible bug in msp430-elf-gcc 9.3.0

  • [nrf5x] Fix DMA access race condition using atomic function

  • [pic32] Fix PIC32 santiy

  • [rp2040]

    • Add PICO-PIO-USB as controller (device/host) support for rp2040

    • Use shared IRQ handlers, so user can also hook the USB IRQ

    • Fix resumed signal not reported to device stack

  • [stm32fsdev] Add support for stm32wb55

Device Stack

  • [Audio] Add support for feedback endpoint computation

    • New API tud_audio_feedback_params_cb(), tud_audio_feedback_interval_isr().

    • Supported computation method are: frequency with fixed/float or power of 2. Feedback with fifo count is not yet supported.

    • Fix nitfs (should be 3) in TUD_AUDIO_HEADSET_STEREO_DESCRIPTOR

    • Fix typo in audiod_rx_done_cb()

  • [DFU] Fix coexistence with other interfaces BTH, RNDIS

  • [MSC] Fix inquiry response additional length field

  • [Venndor] Improve write performance

Host Stack

  • Add new API tuh_configure(rhport, cfg_id, cfg_param) for dynamnic port specific behavior configuration

  • [HID] Open OUT endpoint if available

  • [Hub] hub clear port and device interrupts

  • [USBH] Major improvement

    • Rework usbh control transfer with complete callback. New API tuh_control_xfer() though still only carry 1 usbh (no queueing) at a time.

    • Add generic endpoint transfer with tuh_edpt_open(), tuh_edpt_xfer(). Require CFG_TUH_API_EDPT_XFER=1

    • Support app-level enumeration with new APIs

      • tuh_descriptor_get(), tuh_descriptor_get_device(), tuh_descriptor_get_configuration(), tuh_descriptor_get_hid_report()

      • tuh_descriptor_get_string(), tuh_descriptor_get_manufacturer_string(), tuh_descriptor_get_product_string(), tuh_descriptor_get_serial_string()

      • Also add _sync() as sync/blocking version for above APIs


  • [tu_fifo] Fix locked mutex when full, and return type in peek_n()

Controller Driver (DCD & HCD)

  • [DWC2] Generalize synopsys dwc2 with synopsys/dwc2 which support both FS and HS phy (UTMI and ULPI) for various MCUs. - Broadcom 28/27xx on raspberrypi SBC - Silicon Labs EFM32 - Espressif ESP32 Sx - GigaDevice GD32 - ST STM32 - Infineon XMC

  • [KL25] Add new HCD for NXP KL25

  • [MUSB] Add new DCD and HCD for Mentor musb with TI MSP432E4

  • [F1C100s] Add new DCD for Allwinner F1C100s family

  • [PIC32MZ] Add new DCD for PIC32MZ

  • [nRF] Fix/Enhance various race condition with: EASY DMA, request HFXO, EPOUT

  • [ChipIdea] rename Transdimension to more popular ChipIdea Highspeed,

  • [RP2040] various update/fix for hcd/dcd

  • [FT9XX] new DCD port for Bridgetek FT90x and FT93x devices

  • [DA1469X] Fix resume

  • [OHCI] Fix device array out of bound

Note: legacy drivers such as st/synopsys, nxp/transdimension are still present in this release but won’t receive more update and could be removed in the future.

Device Stack

  • [Audio] Support disabling feedback format correction (16.16 <-> 10.14 format)

  • [MSC] Add tud_msc_request_sense_cb() callback, change most default sense error to medium not present (0x02, 0x3A, 0x00)

  • [Video] Fix video_capture example fails enumeration when 8FPS

Host Stack

No notable changes


  • add CFG_TUSB_OS_INC_PATH for os include path

Device Controller Driver (DCD)

  • Getting device stack to pass USB Compliance Verification test (chapter9, HID, MSC). Ports are tested: nRF, SAMD 21/51, rp2040, stm32f4, Renesas RX, iMXRT, ESP32-S2/3, Kinetic KL25/32, DA146xx

  • Added dcd_edpt_close_all() for switching configuration

  • [Transdimension] Support dcd_edpt_xfer_fifo() with auto wrap over if fifo buffer is 4K aligned and size is multiple of 4K.

  • [DA146xx] Improve vbus, reset, suspend, resume detection, and remote wakeup.

Device Stack

  • Add new network driver Network Control Model (CDC-NCM), update net_lwip_webserver to work with NCM (need re-configure example)

  • Add new USB Video Class UVC 1.5 driver and video_capture example ((work in progress)

  • Fix potential buffer overflow for HID, bluetooth drivers

Host Controller Driver (HCD)

No notable changes

Host Stack

No notable changes

0.11.0 (2021-08-29)

  • Add host/hid_controller example: only worked/tested with Sony PS4 DualShock controller

  • Add device/hid_boot_interface example

  • Add support for Renesas CCRX toolchain for RX mcu

Device Controller Driver (DCD)

  • Add new DCD port for SAMx7x (E70, S70, V70, V71)

  • Add new mcu K32L2Bxx

  • Add new mcu GD32VF103

  • Add new mcu STM32l151

  • Add new mcu SAML21

  • Add new mcu RX65n RX72n

  • Fix NUC120/121/126 USBRAM can only be accessed in byte manner. Also improve set_address & disable sof

  • Add Suspend/Resume handling for Renesas RX family.

  • Fix DA1469x no VBUS startup


  • Fix Synopsys set address bug which could cause re-enumeration failed

  • Fix dcd_synopsys driver integer overflow in HS mode (issue #968)


  • Add nRF5x suspend, resume and remote wakeup

  • Fix nRF5x race condition with TASKS_EP0RCVOUT


  • Add RP2040 suspend & resume support

  • Implement double buffer for both host and device (#891). However device EPOUT is still single buffered due to techinical issue with short packet

Device Stack


  • Better support big endian mcu

  • Add tuh_inited() and tud_inited(), will separate tusb_init/inited() to tud/tuh init/inited

  • Add dcd_attr.h for defining common controller attribute such as max endpoints


  • Fix stridx error in descriptor template


  • Enhance DFU implementation to support multiple alternate interface and better support bwPollTimeout

  • Rename CFG_TUD_DFU_MODE to simply CFG_TUD_DFU


  • Fix newline usage keyboard (ENTER 0x28)

  • Better support Hid Get/Set report

  • Change max gamepad support from 16 to 32 buttons


  • Fix midi available

  • Fix midi data

  • Fix an issue when calling midi API when not enumerated yet


  • Fix bug and enhance of UAC2


  • Fix vendor fifo deadlock in certain case

  • Add tud_vendor_n_read_flush

Host Controller Driver (HCD)


  • Implement double buffered to fix E4 errata and boost performance

  • Lots of rp2040 update and enhancement

Host Stack

  • Major update and rework most of host stack, still needs more improvement

  • Lots of improvement and update in parsing configuration and control

  • Rework and major update to HID driver. Will default to enable boot interface if available

  • Separate CFG_TUH_DEVICE_MAX and CFG_TUH_HUB for better management and reduce SRAM usage

0.10.1 (2021-06-03)

  • rework rp2040 examples and CMake build, allow better integration with pico-sdk

Host Controller Driver (HCD)

  • Fix rp2040 host driver: incorrect PID with low speed device with max packet size of 8 bytes

  • Improve hub driver

  • Remove obsolete hcd_pipe_queue_xfer()/hcd_pipe_xfer()

  • Use hcd_frame_number() instead of micro frame

  • Fix OHCI endpoint address and xferred_bytes in xfer complete event

0.10.0 (2021-05-28)

  • Rework tu_fifo_t with separated mutex for read and write, better support DMA with read/write buffer info. And constant address mode

  • Improve audio_test example and add audio_4_channel_mic example

  • Add new dfu example

  • Remove pico-sdk from submodule

Device Controller Driver (DCD)

  • Add new DCD port for Silabs EFM32GG12 with board Thunderboard Kit (SLTB009A)

  • Add new DCD port Renesas RX63N, board GR-CITRUS

  • Add new (optional) endpoint API dcd_edpt_xfer_fifo

  • Fix build with nRF5340

  • Fix build with lpc15 and lpc54

  • Fix build with lpc177x_8x

  • STM32 Synopsys: greatly improve Isochronous transfer with edpt_xfer_fifo API

  • Support LPC55 port1 highspeed

  • Add support for Espressif esp32s3

  • nRF: fix race condition that could cause drop packet of Bulk OUT transfer

USB Device Driver (USBD)

  • Add new (optional) endpoint ADPI usbd_edpt_xfer_fifo

Device Class Driver


  • [Breaking] tud_cdc_peek(), tud_vendor_peek() no longer support random offset and dropped position parameter.


  • Add new DFU 1.1 class driver (WIP)


  • Fix keyboard report descriptor template

  • Add more hid keys constant from 0x6B to 0xA4

  • [Breaking] rename API - HID_PROTOCOL_NONE/KEYBOARD/MOUST to HID_ITF_PROTOCOL_NONE/KEYBOARD/MOUSE - tud_hid_boot_mode() to tud_hid_get_protocol() - tud_hid_boot_mode_cb() to tud_hid_set_protocol_cb()


  • Fix MIDI buffer overflow issue

  • [Breaking] rename API - Rename tud_midi_read() to tud_midi_stream_read() - Rename tud_midi_write() to tud_midi_stream_write() - Rename tud_midi_receive() to tud_midi_packet_read() - Rename tud_midi_send() to tud_midi_packet_write()

Host Controller Driver (HCD)

  • No noticeable changes

USB Host Driver (USBH)

  • No noticeable changes

Host Class Driver

  • HID: Rework host hid driver, basically everything changes

0.9.0 (2021-03-12)

Device Stack

Device Controller Driver (DCD)


  • Fix endpoint buffer reallocation overrun problem

  • Fix osal_pico queue overflow in initialization

  • Fix Isochronous endpoint buffer size in transfer

  • Optimize hardware endpoint struct to reduce RAM usage

  • Fix enum walkaround forever check for SE0 when pull up is disabled

Sony CXD56

  • Pass the correct speed on Spresense

  • Fix setup processed flag

NXP Transdimention

  • Update dcd_init() to reset controller to device mode

USB Device Driver (USBD)

  • Fix issue with status zlp (tud_control_status) is returned by class driver with SET/CLEAR_FEATURE for endpoint.

  • Correct endpoint size check for fullspeed bulk, can be 8, 16, 32, 64

  • Ack SET_INTERFACE even if it is not implemented by class driver.

Device Class Driver

DFU Runtime

  • rename dfu_rt to dfu_runtime for easy reading


  • Add tud_cdc_send_break_cb() to support break request

  • Improve CDC receive, minor behavior changes: when tud_cdc_rx_wanted_cb() is invoked wanted_char may not be the last byte in the fifo


  • [Breaking] Add itf argument to hid API to support multiple instances, follow API has signature changes

    • tud_hid_descriptor_report_cb()

    • tud_hid_get_report_cb()

    • tud_hid_set_report_cb()

    • tud_hid_boot_mode_cb()

    • tud_hid_set_idle_cb()

  • Add report complete callback tud_hid_report_complete_cb() API

  • Add DPad/Hat support for HID Gamepad

    • TUD_HID_REPORT_DESC_GAMEPAD() now support 16 buttons, 2 joysticks, 1 hat/dpad

    • Add hid_gamepad_report_t along with GAMEPAD_BUTTON_ and GAMEPAD_HAT_ enum

    • Add Gamepad to hid_composite / hid_composite_freertos example


  • Fix dropping MIDI sysex message when fifo is full

  • Fix typo in tud_midi_write24(), make example less ambiguous for cable and channel

  • Fix incorrect endpoint descriptor length, MIDI v1 use Audio v1 which has 9-byte endpoint descriptor (instead of 7)

Host Stack

Host Controller Driver (HCD)

  • Add rhport to hcd_init()

  • Improve EHCI/OHCI driver abstraction

    • Move echi/ohci files to portable/

    • Rename hcd_lpc18_43 to hcd_transdimension

    • Sub hcd API with hcd_ehci_init(), hcd_ehci_register_addr()

  • Update NXP transdimention hcd_init() to reset controller to host mode

    • Ported hcd to rt10xx

USB Host Driver (USBH)

  • No noticeable changes to usbh

Host Class Driver


  • Rename tuh_msc_scsi_inquiry() to tuh_msc_inquiry()

  • Rename tuh_msc_mounted_cb/tuh_msc_unmounted_cb to tuh_msc_mount_cb/tuh_msc_unmount_cb to match device stack naming

  • Change tuh_msc_is_busy() to tuh_msc_ready()

  • Add read10 and write10 function: tuh_msc_read10(), tuh_msc_write10()

  • Read_Capacity is invoked as part of enumeration process

  • Add tuh_msc_get_block_count(), tuh_msc_get_block_size()

  • Add CFG_TUH_MSC_MAXLUN (default to 4) to hold lun capacities


  • Add basic support for rt-thread OS

  • Change zero bitfield length to more explicit padding

  • Build example now fetch required submodules on the fly while running make without prio submodule init for mcu drivers

  • Update pico-sdk to v1.1.0

New Boards

  • Microchip SAM E54 Xplained Pro

  • LPCXpresso 55s28

  • LPCXpresso 18s37

0.8.0 (2021-02-05)

Device Controller Driver

  • Added new device support for Raspberry Pi RP2040

  • Added new device support for NXP Kinetis KL25ZXX

  • Use dcd_event_bus_reset() with link speed to replace bus_signal

  • ESP32-S2: - Add bus suspend and wakeup support

  • SAMD21: - Fix (walkaround) samd21 setup_packet overflow by USB DMA

  • STM32 Synopsys: - Rework USB FIFO allocation scheme and allow RX FIFO size reduction

  • Sony CXD56 - Update Update Spresense SDK to 2.0.2 - Fix dcd issues with setup packets - Correct EP number for cdc_msc example

USB Device


  • Rework usbd control transfer to have additional stage parameter for setup, data, status

  • Fix tusb_init() return true instead of TUSB_ERROR_NONE

  • Added new API tud_connected() that return true after device got out of bus reset and received the very first setup packet

Class Driver

  • CDC - Allow to transmit data, even if the host does not support control line states i.e set DTR

  • HID - change default CFG_TUD_HID_EP_BUFSIZE from 16 to 64

  • MIDI - Fix midi sysex sending bug

  • MSC - Invoke only scsi complete callback after status transaction is complete. - Fix scsi_mode_sense6_t padding, which cause IAR compiler internal error.

  • USBTMC - Change interrupt endpoint example size to 8 instead of 2 for better compatibility with mcu


  • Support make from windows cmd.exe

  • Add HID Consumer Control (media keys) to hid_composite & hid_composite_freertos examples

USB Host

No noticeable changes to host stack

New Boards

  • NXP/Freescale Freedom FRDM-KL25Z

  • Feather Double M33 express

  • Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Adafruit Feather RP2040

  • Adafruit Itsy Bitsy RP2040

  • Adafruit QT RP2040

  • Adfruit Feather ESP32-S2

  • Adafruit Magtag 29” Eink

  • Adafruit Metro ESP32-S2

  • Adafruit PyBadge

  • Adafruit PyPortal

  • Great Scott Gadgets’ LUNA D11 & D21

0.7.0 (2020-11-08)

Device Controller Driver

  • Added new support for Espressif ESP32-S2

  • Added new support for Dialog DA1469x

  • Enhance STM32 Synopsys

  • Support bus events disconnection/suspend/resume/wakeup - Improve transfer performance with optimizing xfer and fifo size - Support Highspeed port (OTG_HS) with both internal and external PHY - Support multiple usb ports with rhport=1 is highspeed on selected MCUs e.g H743, F23. It is possible to have OTG_HS to run on Fullspeed PHY (e.g lacking external PHY) - Add ISO transfer, fix odd/even frame - Fix FIFO flush during stall - Implement dcd_edpt_close() API - Support F105, F107

  • Enhance STM32 fsdev - Improve dcd fifo allocation - Fix ISTR race condition - Support remap USB IRQ on supported MCUs - Implement dcd_edpt_close() API

  • Enhance NUC 505: enhance set configure behavior

  • Enhance SAMD - Fix race condition with setup packet - Add SAMD11 option OPT_MCU_SAMD11 - Add SAME5x option OPT_MCU_SAME5X

  • Fix SAMG control data toggle and stall race condition

  • Enhance nRF - Fix hanged when tud_task() is called within critical section (disabled interrupt) - Fix disconnect bus event not submitted - Implement ISO transfer and dcd_edpt_close()

USB Device


  • Add new class driver for Bluetooth HCI class driver with example can be found in [mynewt-tinyusb-example]( since it needs mynewt OS to run with.

  • Fix USBD endpoint usage racing condition with usbd_edpt_claim()/usbd_edpt_release()

  • Added tud_task_event_ready() and osal_queue_empty(). This API is needed to check before enter low power mode with WFI/WFE

  • Rename USB IRQ Handler to dcd_int_handler(). Application must define IRQ handler in which it calls this API.

  • Add dcd_connect() and dcd_disconnect() to enable/disable internal pullup on D+/D- on supported MCUs.

  • Add usbd_edpt_open()

  • Remove dcd_set_config()

  • Add OPT_OS_CUMSTOM as hook for application to overwrite and/or add their own OS implementation


  • Add Logging for debug with optional uart/rtt/swo printf retarget or CFG_TUSB_DEBUG_PRINTF hook

  • Add IAR compiler support

  • Support multiple configuration descriptors. TUD_CONFIG_DESCRIPTOR() template has extra config_num as 1st argument

  • Improve USB Highspeed support with actual link speed detection with dcd_event_bus_reset()

  • Enhance class driver management - usbd_driver_open() add max length argument, and return length of interface (0 for not supported). Return value is used for finding appropriate driver - Add application implemented class driver via usbd_app_driver_get_cb() - IAD is handled to assign driver id

  • Added tud_descriptor_device_qualifier_cb() callback

  • Optimize tu_fifo bulk write/read transfer

  • Forward non-std control request to class driver

  • Let application handle Microsoft OS 1.0 Descriptors (the 0xEE index string)

  • Fix OSAL FreeRTOS yield from ISR

Class Drivers

  • USBNET: remove ACM-EEM due to lack of support from host

  • USBTMC: fix descriptors when INT EP is disabled

  • CDC: - Send zero length packet for end of data when needed - Add tud_cdc_tx_complete_cb() callback - Change tud_cdc_n_write_flush() return number of bytes forced to transfer, and flush when writing enough data to fifo

  • MIDI: - Add packet interface - Add multiple jack descriptors - Fix MIDI driver for sysex

  • DFU Runtime: fix response to SET_INTERFACE and DFU_GETSTATUS request

  • Rename some configure macro to make it clear that those are used directly for endpoint transfer - CFG_TUD_HID_BUFSIZE to CFG_TUD_HID_EP_BUFSIZE - CFG_TUD_CDC_EPSIZE to CFG_TUD_CDC_EP_BUFSIZE - CFG_TUD_MSC_BUFSIZE to CFG_TUD_MSC_EP_BUFSIZE - CFG_TUD_MIDI_EPSIZE to CFG_TUD_MIDI_EP_BUFSIZE

  • HID: - Fix gamepad template descriptor - Add multiple HID interface API - Add extra comma to HID_REPORT_ID

USB Host

  • Rework USB host stack (still work in progress)
    • Fix compile error with pipehandle

    • Rework usbh control and enumeration as non-blocking

  • Improve Hub, MSC, HID host driver


  • Add new hid_composite_freertos

  • Add new dynamic_configuration to demonstrate how to switch configuration descriptors

  • Add new hid_multiple_interface

  • Enhance net_lwip_webserver example - Add multiple configuration: RNDIS for Windows, CDC-ECM for macOS (Linux will work with both) - Update lwip to STABLE-2_1_2_RELEASE for net_lwip_webserver

  • Added new Audio example: audio_test uac2_headsest

New Boards

  • Espressif ESP32-S2: saola_1, kaluga_1

  • STM32: F746 Nucleo, H743 Eval, H743 Nucleo, F723 discovery, stlink v3 mini, STM32L4r5 Nucleo

  • Dialog DA1469x dk pro and dk usb

  • Microchip: Great Scoot Gadgets’ LUNA, samd11_xplained, D5035-01, atsamd21 xplained pro

  • nRF: ItsyBitsy nRF52840

0.6.0 (2020-03-30)

Added to give proper credit for contributors to the stack. Special thanks to Nathan Conrad , Peter Lawrence , William D. Jones and Sean Cross and others for spending their precious time to add lots of features and ports for this release.



  • Added support for Microchip SAMG55

  • Added support for Nordic nRF52833

  • Added support for Nuvoton: NUC120, NUC121/NUC125, NUC126, NUC505

  • Added support for NXP LPC: 51Uxx, 54xxx, 55xx

  • Added support for NXP iMXRT: RT1011, RT1015, RT1021, RT1052, RT1062, RT1064

  • Added support for Sony CXD56 (Spresense)

  • Added support for STM32: L0, F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F7, H7

  • Added support for TI MSP430

  • Added support for ValentyUSB’s eptri

Class Driver

  • Added DFU Runtime class driver

  • Added Network class driver with RNDIS, CDC-ECM, CDC-EEM (work in progress)

  • Added USBTMC class driver

  • Added WebUSB class driver using vendor-specific class

  • Added multiple instances support for CDC and MIDI

  • Added a handful of unit test with Ceedling.

  • Added LOG support for debugging with CFG_TUSB_DEBUG

  • Added tud_descriptor_bos_cb() for BOS descriptor (required for USB 2.1)

  • Added dcd_edpt0_status_complete() as optional API for DCD


Following examples are added:

  • board_test

  • cdc_dual_ports

  • dfu_rt

  • hid_composite

  • net_lwip_webserver

  • usbtmc

  • webusb_serial


  • Changed tud_descriptor_string_cb() to have additional Language ID argument

  • Merged hal_nrf5x.c into dcd_nrf5x.c

  • Merged dcd_samd21.c and dcd_samd51.c into dcd_samd.c

  • Generalized dcd_stm32f4.c to dcd_synopsys.c

  • Changed cdc_msc_hid to cdc_msc (drop hid) due to limited endpoints number of some MCUs

  • Improved DCD SAMD stability, fix missing setup packet occasionally

  • Improved usbd/usbd_control with proper handling of zero-length packet (ZLP)

  • Improved STM32 DCD FSDev

  • Improved STM32 DCD Synopsys

  • Migrated CI from Travis to Github Action

  • Updated nrfx submodule to 2.1.0

  • Fixed mynewt osal queue definition

  • Fixed cdc_msc_freertos example build for all MCUs

0.5.0 (2019-06)

First release, device stack works great, host stack works but still need improvement.

  • Special thanks to @adafruit team, especially @tannewt to help out immensely to rework device stack: simplify osal & control transfer, adding SAMD21/SAMD51 ports, writing porting docs, adding MIDI class support etc…

  • Thanks to @cr1901 for adding STM32F4 port.

  • Thanks to @PTS93 and @todbot for HID raw API